Comes courage – Comes hope

The mind of the artist, is all uncharted

Opposite of lethargic – It can create a very clear target

A vision of beauty exists, I say defend it – It is defenseless

Endless – Tremendous, are the gifts that we’ve all been lent with

We can almost live in a time, that can be labeled as sublime

We all have a chance to find, the place in the mind that is divine

There is something sacred, that is buried inside of hatred

But fear has been inflated, negating the interrelated

Dispirited – Preventing us to get to the top of that pyramid

Faded – Until we all become spiritually unrelated

But… There is always a gain, when you can endure another’s pain

Ignore the claim, that is aimed to only blame a name

Because the game of shame, is only targeting cowards for their fame

Taking us down, so that we ignore the tears of the clown

Making us frown, in their world that is upside down

But something profound, is still found in these sounds

A shred of decency, can still be felt from the frequency

Because death is most certain and life is not

Pay attention here – This is the plot that always hits the spot

As life is perplex – the Oedipus complex erects

One of those natural effects, a young man is so forced to repress

It’s a test, we’re on a quest, to all be blessed, when we become our best

A reminder, that when you find her – Forever be the struggle

Will have to huddle for the hustle but at least we get to chuckle as we cuddle

The problem isn’t time, I hope you figure it out in this rhyme

The only problem here is you, in trying to figure out what is actually true

We have all been lied to – It’s only up to you to find these clues

In front of you is a man, who could use a helping hand

And beside you is a lady, who needs to be reminded that she isn’t crazy

Her emotions are like the ocean, it’s her devotion that keeps it all in motion

Put the commotion into slow motion – Hopefully remind her of that notion

That life is great, on the roller coaster to the gate

It is our fate – To be together – I really can’t wait

A true gentlemen I’ll be, because I figured it out, that this is what the world needs

So we can keep feeding that creed, to execute all those good deeds

Necessary, to keep all the things from getting harry

Weary, only time for us to rest is on the ferry to the prairies

Now, take this time to look, at what’s inside all these books

It is only in these books, you can find out about all these crooks

That got the world shook, by throwing hooks onto them schnooks

Well, liberty… has a such great cost, so don’t feel lost – You are that boss

We all will realize this, when it comes to be, our time to cross

Over, through that light that is so bright – You better fight

Through the night, for what you feel is right

Feel your might, like a knight with evil in it’s sight

Let me stand by you here, as I continue to write and recite

I will be like a kite, my wings will spread – Flight

As I hang on tight, to stay polite – Keeping it upright, despite my desires to incite

I love all, and I know now that this will definitely be my fall

I can hear the call, I will stand tall, when it is my time to haul – Stall

Stuck here in a squall, in the brawl to save the thrall – Wall

We must find a way through it, protrude it

This is the only way we will all get through this

Leave no man behind, I am here for the grind

I will define, what is rightfully mine – It is not a crime

To spend spare time, deciphering all your God damned war crimes

I know in time, my prime, will let me climb, up the 33 bones on my spine

To my head, to fight the dread, in blocking the spread, of the walking dead

It’s not a joke, to cloak, the blokes that are broke – I will provoke

Any stoke, for the folks to be yoked, inside your cloud of smoke

I still see the grand prize, be surprised when I rise through the cries

A disguise full of lies – I see the spies in the skies, who despise all our highs

I will devise your demise as I chastise the surmise in your reprise

Because… I am wise