The Nature of Humans


Humans are a psychologically gifted creature in the sense that we’ve been given the ability to possess a consciousness. A consciousness that has yet to be explained scientifically for as long as humans have existed, even to this day it is a topic that is silent in science. What has derived from the idea of a human conscious though are a series of different religious beliefs which I won’t bother getting into because that is a whole topic just on it’s own.

Somewhere down the line though, what we have managed to figure out is that a human’s existence comprises of 3 major components which can operate independently but can also function in unity simultaneously; body, mind, and soul.


Your body being your physical existence, consisting of flesh, bones, and organs. Your mind, located inside the brain, the part that can control your physical existence, give you your senses, store memories, and give you the power of thought, choice, and reasoning. And last but not least, your soul. The capsule if you may, that is able to process your experiences, provide you with your emotions, create the distinguishment between good and bad, and is all expressed through your inner voice. The true phenomenon lies in the connection between these 3 components, when in unity, it provides for what we like to call “character” or “personality.”


Why is this important you ask? It relates to our (your) entire existence in my humble opinion. Understanding this basic theory should be able to provide you with a window of enlightenment. In realizing that everyone is different yet the same, that good cannot exist without evil, that what goes up must come down, and that some things are just simply unexplainable. This should allow your curiosity to flourish and capture the essence of the naturally progressive human spirit, something that we all have to burden. Humans are all born with a gift, and that gift is life.

“Death is certain, life is not.” – Unknown