MK Ultra

Future excerpt from my book, “Debunking the Demon.”

The dark world of mind control, undoubtedly has created an epiphany. Only having fallen can you truly see the light of the victor.

A paradox that shows no end, having laid all the minds in it’s path to rest.

As my mind gets closer and closer to the many hidden truths inside this awesome government spin-off technology, dealing with the world of satelite tracked flying monkeys and hyper progressional fear mongering propaganda gets easier as the days goes by. Finding the many hidden secrets found through the layers of our history, it’s become reminiscent of the days when I used to enjoy connecting the dots on drawings and putting together jigsaw puzzles.

“The absolute rule of state shall be a function of the absolute liberty of each individual will.” – Aleister Crowley

MK Ultra was a mind control program practiced in the United States during 1950 – 1973. The CIA (established not too long after WW2) was in charge of this program. The program was inspired by the Nazi regime’s tremendous successes during WWII and it began with the United States actually having decided to go and RECRUIT the Nazi scientists and engineers through Operation Paperclip. It is also said that Russians were doing the same thing at the time. There was a substantial amount of data that was discovered inside the Nazi movement which I’m not going to get into detail but much of it had to do with regards to scientific breakthroughs in establishing an ultimate unification amongst peoples. Keeping in mind that this is also when the UN was created; currently humanity’s most successful attempt at achieving a multi-national governing body.

“The eyes chico, they never lie.” – Tony Montana

Ignoring the British propaganda piece, if you pay attention to the footage of the people who surround the full blown “antisemitic” event of the Holocaust (the mass orchestrated slaughtering of Jewish people), you will notice that the Nazi regime is rather peculiar in how they perceive the situation. You would think seeing stacked carcasses being bulldozed into a huge hole would trigger some kind of reaction – a signification of complete dehumanization? Or is there something more to this than what meets the eye? If I recall correctly about how the public education system taught us WWII, it was quite demonizing of the one and only Adolf Hitler, but I’ll have to say, as I deprogrammed my mind and learned how to reverse engineer propaganda, it really made me wonder what really happened during this time. Did you know that denying the Holocaust is actually considered a crime in most of the Western world? Figure that one out.

MK Ultra’s program evolved around attaining deep control of an individuals thoughts and actions. It’s methods involved something that is called trauma-based mind control. When an individual experiences a trauma (by definition is something that is distressing to the mind), what will happen is that the mind will actually suffer from a fracture. When dealing with the fracture, the mind goes through something called a dissociation process to cope with the pain and in return becomes highly susceptible to information at this point – allowing for it to be “programmed” if you may. Now, everyone will experience traumas in their lives because unfortunately this is just a part of it (good parents will understand this fact), but there is indeed a good side to it because this is actually how we develop certain characteristics as well as survival instincts as a species. (I believe this is where the term ‘tough love’ comes from when raising up little ones – as they say, pain is love.) But the underlying problem here, is when you add the variable of man into the mix along with the burden of choice that they have because there is a couple ways you can go about this, 1, you can either be someone who admires the beauty in the capabilities of our minds, or 2, you can be the scumbag that tries to manipulate it – think about this one enough, and you may be quite surprised with what you find inside your own mind.



This is when it was discovered that if you traumatize an individual enough times in organized sequences, the different levels of dissociation occurrences can have some intriguing results – ranging from the alter ego phenomena, to multiple personality disorders, to even an ability to be completely controlled by trigger points. This is really quite unfortunate and is that of which the harsh reality the Western world is facing today because as the population grew, so did the energies harnessed within the practice (the ones in power understand that humans function purely on collective energy, good and bad.) If you, the reader, can let yourself tap into this, I can promise you, that this is what will lead you to your own enlightenment.



Hollywood, home to many of our beloved actors and actresses, has been one of the key testing grounds for MK Ultra victims. Now, not to generalize all the ‘class A’ celebrities, because it is really a fine art to be able to control your own mind and express your soul, but it’s safe to say that many of the more recent actors/actresses are just direct results of the MK Ultra program. The many signs of the recent falling out of the PR sector in the mainstream proves this point as these individuals are no longer being protected by their handlers, but rather set a free (because they are no longer lucrative I guess? Or now useless because of the booming internet). Leaving these victims fully exposed and publicly revealing signs of their mental illnesses from their traumatizations.

When digging deeper into the depths of this MK Ultra world, you will find that there is indeed a science to the program (Delta, Beta, Alpha to name a few), and is actually linked to various symbologies most of us have seen. The symbology for one, is what keeps the people involved in the program informed on their work. Secondly, it has been and is being used frequently in the public’s eye to convey commonality to achieve a level of ubiquitous nature so that it becomes a social conditioning mechanism attached with their (might I say satanic) subliminal messages.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? If so, then I know, this is definitely something that is incredibly ****ed up but hey, is it ever satisfying when you know what you’re up against because if you are someone that is truly awake like myself, you have to be ready to defend yourself against the attacks. Believe it or not, this is actually how the social engineers intended it to be, an incredibly sophisticated self governing machine of frequency. That is one of the main secrets to the program, is in maintaining a frequency. It isn’t something that necessarily needs to be seen, but only felt. It’s in the sound that comes from your television, movie theaters, radio, and even physically through the academia in our schools. Ever wonder why some people like to sleep with the TV on?

Take note of the lady in the background feeding off the LaBarf energy.

They get that most people rather avoid controversy, so they stunt you with fear of being ridiculed, and they start this off at a very young age for people born into the system. I’ll be honest with you, it works pretty well, especially when you got abused mind control victims like Shia LaBeouf (who I’m sure many of us enjoyed in films) blindly playing defense. As evil as it can be, it’s also fascinating at the same time ain’t it? It kind of shows how vulnerable we are as a species due to it’s proven success at exploiting our natural duality. You kind of have to be in awe at the whole situation since it’s not really worth stressing about due to it’s magnitude. Even though I’ve had a couple of my sites shut down and bombarded with hate mails in the past, and even being currently attacked here, you figure it out after awhile that whenever you try to do something positive, it tends to attract something negative; as in the story of Horus and Osiris. The scariest part about it all though, is this can exist anywhere, inside our family, friends, loved ones, acquaintances, co-workers, employers, and so on because there is no barrier for this – if you want a true friend, I think you’re supposed to get a dog right? The man’s best friend.

“Cold turkey doesn’t even apply to Substance D. Unlike the legacy of inherited predisposition to addictive behaviors or substances, this needs no genetic assistance. There’s no weekend warriors on the D. You’re either on it… or you haven’t tried it.” – Quote from “A Scanner Darkly”

There are many examples I can provide of attacks from controlled oppositions but I’ll just use this one for example (the one event that changed it all for me), and that is the attack on the New York City’s Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001. You can pinpoint how effective this program is simply by asking anyone what they feel about the attack, even to this day. Do they lash out at you? Do they tell you they don’t want to talk about it? Do they not care? Do they fully support the official 9/11 commission report? Do they have no idea what happened? Are they scared to talk about it? Do they demonize you for bringing it up? Well… That my friend, is the dark energy I’m trying to speak of, henceforth, this need to remain vigilant for truth.



“How can we travel when our souls are lost.” – Isis & Osiris

On a personal note, this has been the single best piece of information I’ve discovered because it virtually explains everything that I have felt was wrong growing up and also explains the nature of all the attacks on my spirit. I dare say, that it is the practice of trauma based mind control that has been the most effective means in our time in spreading dark energies around the world, something that is along the wavelength of Osiris, the mythical Egyptian God of the afterlife, the underworld, and the dead. Is this the secret tool for the American Psyop campaigns and what the military industrial complex and the CIA are all tied up in? Personal experiences tell me yes, because I myself, have Psyop’ed family members from being in Vietnam during the war (who are now suffering from things like PTSD) but maybe there is a secret to all this I don’t quite fully understand; Is there something to the Phoenix that can be found in the UN’s Security Chamber?

I find this to be a rather significant time in our recent history, at least in terms of the accelerated social conformity process across the world, the real question is though, how much further will the ‘unenlightened enlightened’ people be willing to take this? Although the program is said to to have been disbanned some time during 1973 with the CIA having destroyed most of it’s records in the process, there really is no reason as to say this kind of thing still doesn’t happen here today. The vicarious nature of people is such a grey area in our civilization that it leaves it to be highly manipulated for as long as we choose to hold onto our right to free speech.

The constant propaganda machine that loves to pound the public day in and day out really makes you wonder some times. Especially after you ditch the mainstream media cold turkey for awhile and flick it on ever so often, you start to catch all the subliminal messages hidden inside of it. It’s really become like a morsecode for the masses in creating a culture of fear and hatred. Like most from my generation, I absorbed a fair amount of media growing up, but who doesn’t right? It’s hard to really deny what it can do to the mind after observing some of the folks, this goes for the internet age also, not just the television. Brain damage? False sense of reality? Paranoia? Surpressed demons? $ religion worshippers? Dehumanization? Diminished IQ? Some people don’t even know their gender any more, matter of fact, some times I think they even forgot they are human. Like what’s up with this Sandy Hook story?