Modern Day Media Parallel


With the ever expanding internet, there is currently an uproar of sophisticated alternative media outlets surfacing. The ways in which humans are getting their information and news is beginning to transform itself into quite the spectacle as people are beginning to snap out of the grasp of the dinosaur media aka television. There is a common interest amongst these media groups who have successfully managed to culminate themselves onto a common ground in narrative and rhetoric. It revolves around a much more reasonable and truthful outlook, one that is gaining significant amounts of traction as people become more and more weary of what they are told and have been told (as the 2016 American election result should notify you.)



These independent media groups are providing for a much more transparent news and information source as it is able to give people an ability to examine things like facts and evidence, forecast information, as well as viewer statistics; Unlike television where all those things are kept in the dark from the general public. If you’ve watched enough television in your life, you might have been able to realize that most of it is actually senseless garbage, at least for the ones who are still able to think critically – a rarity!


There is definitely a noticeable spillover of audiences from the television onto the internet, which is what is creating this parallel. So much so now, that you can label these groups of people as either left or right wing advocates, the establishment versus the anti-establishment. I myself see this as a beautiful thing for a couple reasons: For those of us who understand the Hegelian Dialectic, this is the hidden work in restoration of the pendulum for the left right paradigm, one of the key factors as to why this type of society has been so prevalent in the past – Pepsi or Cola? And the other thing worth taking note of here is the entrepreneurial spirit that is coming out of these anti-establishment people who are forced to come together and are generating ideas that is ultimately creating itself new forms of art – a critical element in developing GOOD culture.


Needless to say, Western society’s culture has been on a steady decline as it is shown to have slumped into various societal issues as the old and the new (ideologies) are colliding. Negative movements known as the social justice warriors, race baiters, free speech delinquents, feminists, and “professional” victims are examples of some of these problems. Our entertainment has turned itself into a ‘fast food’ formula which in return is totally diminishing the attention spans of the youth. As a middle aged man, this joy of being stuck in between a gutless and spineless older generation with an unenlightened younger generation (not to mention, the vast group of self entitled millenials) is proving to be the daily struggle.


It’s easy to point the finger on this one at least, and my finger points at technology. Smartphones in particular, which is allowing people to communicate like never before. It has people frequently scrambling for bits of scattered information. One can only imagine the type of data that search engine companies and social media outlets may have about this human activity on the internet. This digital universe of relationships is uncontrollably pushing humans into an abyss of imagination. Whether it’s for good or for bad is yet to be seen, but the daily internet topic trends is providing a steady reminder that there is indeed always some type of work to be done.