My Story


Being a first generation (visible minority) Canadian for my entire life (30+ years), I’ve been blessed with the comforts of being in a first world nation but it has also come with the notion that the world I’ve been living in is a place that functions on what I like to call “A System of Sophisticated $lavery.”

My parents became war refugees here in Canada (1984) as a result of the rescue efforts for the Vietnam war victims. My father managed to rescue my mother amongst a few others in the early 1980’s from the collapsed civilization via boat. They were part of the “Vietnamese Boat People“, sum of approximately 1,200,000 people that attempted to escape Vietnam between 1975-1995 on the ocean (with approximately 200,000-400,000 dying to disease, starvation, drowning, captured by pirates etc.) My father’s little escape boat was one of few that managed to get picked up by a container ship in the South China Sea and then taken to Bidong Island, the allocated Vietnamese refugee camp located in the Malaysian islands.


The fight to understand the cause and effect of the Vietnam war from being a direct result of this catastrophe has led me to believe that this was indeed no accident, it was all done with malicious intent and an ambitious purpose. The deception that occurred, the chaos that ensued, and the irreversible damage that has happened has created a despairing echo that stagnates to this day are the things that has driven me into my political discourse.

Disturbing Facts about the Vietnam War: