Social Engineering 101


Throughout history, in every type of civilization, humans have always attempted to control one another. Whether it be the Indigenous, Asian, European, African, Latin American, Russians etc., there has always been some form of a desire to gain power and control to establish structure. You will find that the reasoning behind this will vary for all the significant global leaders and public figures throughout our past. Which may very well be the core of ideas that make humans fascinating and what defines the true potential in our capabilities.

Needless to say, humans have progressed tremendously (particularly in our century with the industrial revolution.) Through language and communication of ideas (sprinkled with a bit of violence), this is what we have made it to today, a haven of innovation that has given humans the lengthiest average life expectancy we have ever experienced in the history of mankind.


“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and enemy of growth.” – John F. Kennedy

Bar none, it’s safe to say that this box you see here has to have been the most prevalent aid in the social conditioning of humans across a grand scale. It exists in every modern civilization house hold and has been able to display programs ceaselessy throughout the day. It has worked hard in being able to provide a uniformity amongst human thought, quite the powerful tool if you ask me.

Control what people see, control how people think; Control how people think, control what people do;

Control what people do, well, that my friend, is _________.


The year is 2016 and we are now living in a time of change. This is the age of instant communication and endless access to information. Anything you could ever question can be answered almost instantly at your finger tips via smartphone and/or computer. The image you see above is a world visualization of devices connected to the world wide web. Easily demonstrating that this is the most connected humans have ever been. The connection spreads across a multitude of countries, races, and cultures. It see’s no race, it has no borders, and it isn’t derived from a specific agenda. You no longer need a television “program” to spoon feed you information – you can actually think for yourself for a change.

“Thinking: The talking of the soul to itself.” Plato