The Left Right Paradigm

Living in Canada long enough, you will notice it is a predominately left winged type of society. Fueled off of socialist ideologies, free speech here isn’t necessarily embraced, and gets demonized quite often. It has become home to corporate fascism and is currently one of the leading locales in the globalist movement. Toronto, the economic capital of the country, is proudly named a “world city”, it is home to an astonishing 51% foreigner ratio, which means that more than half the people, were not born here. Is there anything wrong with that? I don’t think so, people are people and I think I’ve had a rather interesting life growing up here due to this factor. I experienced the world without having to experience the world.

Although I do find some troublesome aspects of the “world city” life. There really isn’t a strong sense of culture because for one, whatever culture used to exist here has been totally disregarded in the name of profiteering through globalization. Yes, it’s filled with multiculturalism, and isn’t short of popular culture choices, but these are merely facades for a ruling British class who have obviously been executing hidden agendas in their own interests (Made in China.) Canada, having been a majority Christian society since the beginning, has been deconstructing itself throughout the years. Still being under a monarch, the Queen is supposed to be our “Defender of Faith.” I wouldn’t be fooled by Trudeau’s pretty looks blending himself in with the masses. All you need to do is look into the ancient conflict in the middle east and ask yourself what he’s doing hanging around inside mosques and accepting an overwhelming number of refugees into a Christian based society. I only say this because when I come across these refugees, they have shown to be hostile, and when approached, you can tell some of them don’t actually want to be here. They don’t believe in paying taxes, and hold a grudge for whatever it is that has happened to their homeland.

Culture clashing is the reality – I mean, you can try to mix and match the world and then fabricate a culture, but deep down, I don’t believe it ever truly satisfies the individual. This isn’t about being religious or closed minded but the ulterior motive should be in maintaining certain levels of heritage instead (all around the world for that matter) that have existed for so many years so that a future of humanity may have a chance to experience some of the greatness – at least before this dawn of robots takes us over. The Western popular culture of today doesn’t count at all, particularly nowadays. In one ear and out the other, cult classics are far and few in between in this age of information. This “hipster” trend and previous “thug” culture era are clear signs that there has been some evil at work. Take one look at these Anti-trump riots and tell me that doesn’t urk you in one way or another, it really isn’t a good thing here.

The main problem I’ve found with the overly diverse society, is that it increases polarization. Racial segregation is very apparent, which causes people to shell up in public, and stick with their own kind. You do see the culture mixes amongst the younger generations (state indoctrinated) but you just simply cannot remove people from wherever it is they came from. Popular culture is only contemporary, it doesn’t pay to pretend like people of different ethnicities are all the same because they aren’t, yet if you pay attention, you will find that the government and it’s state run media loves to continuously throw around blanket statements to cover up issues of their politically driven miscalculations.

I myself, after having successfully breaking through the conditioning of the leftist mentality (many thanks to my
philosophy teachers and the internet), I ended up venturing on to the other end of the scale for years to come. Discovering alternative media sources like now popular, public figure Alex Jones back in 2001, along with many other independent media sources lately, I was truly fascinated by the different trails of thought it offered and ultimately opened me up to a whole new spectrum of interesting ideas. These have now become the very types of ideas that fall much more in-line with me as an individual, let me explain.

The only real truth to any place is in the history of the land and simply put the aboriginal/indigenous here were conquered and their land and way of life was destroyed. It’s become a playground to the Caucasian settlers as they play God with their mini-god plantation system. There is an undeniable beauty in the core of their system but quite frankly, has been misconstrued by an overly complex technologically driven society. The original Western way of life is being undermined as visions of a different world comes about. Ignorance may be bliss for a lot of people here, but there is a silent majority who struggle and are now putting in countless hours of research for truths to only find disturbing classified documents created by an elite class that are being leaked all over the web.

What I can tell you from living in this system, is that it is a very comfortable life for a lot of people. Above is a chart I’ve drawn out which demonstrates how I personally view the modern first world society using the left right paradigm theory, one of the core ideologies to the government’s 2 party system. For those who don’t know, it is a political science theory which theorises how the minds of people tend to split into opposite ideologies to cope with the problem of choice we were given. Something that when stretched far enough, causes the mind to experience quite the discomfort.

Going on, I’ve boxed in where I think most of the first world currently falls in to and also, where the third world is constantly being dragged in to. This framework offers the common person, the most accessibility in terms of a relative quality of life. It’s really been a mastered art in our generation with the advancements of our technology in the industrial boom. There is a happy medium for a large majority inside this framework, who don’t necessarily have to really know anything about anything but to simply just tag along. And I get it, it’s easier to be told what to do because thinking for yourself can be rather difficult; Let’s face it, most of us aren’t born into a royalty bloodline.

The dichotomy in this paradigm is much more visible for people of Caucasian decent as expected since their roots go much deeper. Most of the visual minorities simply have not been here long enough to have soaked in the generational propaganda. The cognitive dissonance is much more powerful in these people, especially when confronted with libertarian views. The most abuse I’ve taken has always been received when I expressed personal interest in more conservative political views. Signs of a major problem because the condescending attitude has come from even non-generational Westerners which I find to be the most unnerving.

The best place to be in my humble opinion is somewhere in the middle of the paradigm, a centrist. It provides the mental balance which allows the mind to truly flourish in free association with your peers. When an individual starts to lean too far into one end is when you start to see some psychological stability issues (psychopathy) occur. Not to mention, when you breech into the authoritarian / libertarian areas is when you will start experiencing a significant opposition effect from either side (where political debates take a shine.) As my eyes are wide open, there is definitely more and more signs of psychopathic individuals coming up daily as a surge of nationalism and libertarianism rises from the grip of globalization and the sleeping leftists – thank you Mr. Trolling Trump.

There is a saying in one of my favourite books by Robert Greene, “Play a sucker to catch a sucker…”, it is a tactic I’ve been commonly using to fish out the problematic soon to be Socialist Authoritarians. The common and more modern term now is to “troll”, which I inherently find to be satisfying for whatever reason. Probably due to my not so good liberal experiences – wealthy men telling me I’ll go to jail for saying something, people calling me crazy for not watching t.v., losing friends over a political view, girlfriends snapping on me for supporting a president, getting burned by commie family members, and so on. Not to say that the right is all sunshine and rainbows either but this pendulum needs to remain frictionless to maintain it’s equilibrium for all our sakes.

To protect the sheep, you must catch the wolf; It takes a wolf to catch the wolf. – Alonzo Harris