UFC 202 – The Gladiators of Our Time


Quite possibly the best UFC matchup we’ve yet to witness. Originally this was supposed to be the second centennial stepping stone match, the UFC 200 main card but it had gotten thrown out due to Conor “The Notorious” McGregor not attending a press conference. Amidst all this drama the commission made of this, his controversial self decided to throw some fuel in the fire and posted this tweet for the world to see:

conor-mcgregor-retire-mainMelodramatic if you ask me, if you have been keeping up at all, you would already have known that this man isn’t going anywhere. He was born to be a gladiator, his style is unprecedented, and is just what the sport needed. This fighting Irishman carries the soul of Ireland, his intelligence combined with physical gifts and life story makes for quite the entertaining character. The UFC had been suffering from a negative growth rate for quite some time prior from the fights just not being entertaining as they used to be. There was a period when fighters were becoming particularly cautious and simply did not “fight.” Just a lack of a better roster you could say, until this man came around and shook up the world.

On the other side of the octagon, you have none other than one of the Diaz brothers, Nathan Donald Diaz. The ‘Diaz brothers’ reputation speaks for itself, perhaps the most controversial individuals the635928248849812468-USP-MMA-UFC-196-MCGREGOR-VS-DIAZ-80269096 sport has seen. With the ruthless taunting and the signature Stockton slaps, these two brothers have put their brotherhood right into the history books of the UFC. Nate Diaz, the younger of the two, has always been living under the shadow of his bigger brother, Nick Diaz, until now. With his huge upset victory over the UFC’s current top contender, he has shifted out of Nick’s shadow and right into the limelight. His victory shocked the world; coming off a beach in Mexico, fighting with only 10 days notice (due to Rafael Dos Anjos forfeiting last minute), it created one of the most shocking moments in UFC history at UFC 196.

Now going into UFC 202, it feels like it’s been an eternity, but a wait well worth it’s time. I haven’t been this excited for a match since UFC’s debut in my place of habitat, UFC 129. With the notorious McGregor looking for redemption and Nate Diaz actually being prepared now with a full camp, this will easily be one of those fights guaranteed to blow you out of your seat. Whether you want to see a king reclaim his crown or a street fighter fend for his life, this will be one of those nights to remember all across the spectrum.




Who do YOU think will win?


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