My WWW Resurrection

Budget Builds (3)

Hello internet, it’s been awhile. I’ve had a nice long break from here while I did myself some exterior world searching… About 5 years now I’d say without any heavy internet activity but I’m back again o_O; My last project being a YouTube channel along with a small gaming community ( that got hacked and jacked with viruses unfortunately. Never bothered fixing it, think was feeling the need to try something new at that point in my life and was tired of staring at screens all day. A shame really, was actually getting some good traction there. Time to move on though, figured I’d ease back into this by starting a blog but I am definitely feeling like a ghost! I imagine this is what it feels like when people come out of jail after a long sentence. Everything’s changed – games are different, the popular people are different, the slang is different, the music is different etc etc.


Computers seem to be still the same though at least, CPU, Ram, PSU, GPU, Mobo. Didn’t know what to expect with power requirements, thought you would need like a 20core CPU by now to keep up, but it seems like quad cores are still substantial for most computing applications. With an old friend from college asking me to build him a rig for an upcoming game, I decided to go ahead and build myself one too. With budget in mind, I decided to purchase used parts via eBay & online classifieds, which doesn’t exactly leave you much choice in what you get for your money, so I ended up with a bunch of extra parts after the builds. After one thing leading to another, I actually ended up having enough parts to build a few some more PC’s – BONUS.

I’ve always been a fan of the particular time of the 2010 era of CPU’s, which was when they received their biggest spike in processing power, the quad core. At that particular time though, I was in college and was in no position to play around with QC builds so I was forced to deal with DC (dual core) power. Which was still okay at the time for the most part, I’ve never been one of those latest and greatest people as I’m frugal by nature. Anyways, I’ve always wanted to play with the Phenom family though… Particularly with the unlockable core chips. After looking around, I noticed the prices were definitely within range and it looked like it was finally my time. After some additional research, I also noticed that the power per dollar with these CPU’s is right up there with some of the underground builds – it was meant to be!


I ended up with HTPC for my couch potato big screen browsing days, a primary gaming rig for when I want to fully plug in, and a secondary gaming rig as a backup / extra PC. I’ve went ahead and listed out the specs of the machines below.




Key features: On this machine, I managed to get a Phenom II X4 processor into an old Asus AM2 (M2N-E) motherboard via BIOS update.

Primary gaming rig:


Key features: I’ve got this setup on a stable overclock of 3.6ghz with 8gb DDR3 Mushkin Silverline and is my only rig that uses an SSD. This is my best W.E.I. score machine at

7.4 – 7.6 – 7.9 – 7.9 – 7.4

Secondary gaming rig:


Key features: This is using a Asus Core Unlocker featured motherboard with an AMD B59 Phenom X2 CPU – Which resulted in a Athlon II X4 559.