Maintaining a Healthy Diet


Generally speaking, especially if you live in the North Western hemisphere, you might find that eating healthy isn’t necessarily easy. Available options yes, easy, not so really. Affordability and accessibility of unhealthy options are abundant. “Fast food” tends to be cheaper to buy, easier to get, and tastier to eat. Meanwhile, you could have easily just walked into a grocery store and grabbed yourself some fruits and a salad.

“You are what you eat.” – Unknown

A very simple quote that could help in reminding you what you are doing before you decide to go through that McDonald’s drive through – I almost spelt it ‘Drive Thru’, go figure. Yes, we all have these busy lives and some times it’s just easier, or even a guilty pleasure, but those foods really offer no nutritional benefit to your well being (a bit of protein, carbohydrates, and sodium.) Particularly due to the fact that it’s just been 100% engineered to satisfy your taste buds while producing maximum profits – capitalism at it’s finest.


Unfortunately, the final solution doesn’t simply lie isn’t inside the fruits and vegetables inside our grocery stores. In fact, when you dig a little deeper, you will realise that most of our agricultural system has been engineered before hand. One can make the simple observation of an apple, and wonder how they manage to all look the same in almost every grocery store that you walk into, during any time of the year for that matter. Simply visualise what it takes for an apple to grow, and process that into the millions of apples distributed weekly across the country. You can call it perfection if you may or you just call it as it is, unnatural – make your pick.


Cultivating your own land is the only real solution in maintaining a true healthy diet, aka eating organic but this is something that most people are not capable of nowadays. Based upon the fact that most people choose to live inside these concrete jungles where picking something fresh off the vine is something not seen as the arbitrary thing to do.


If you are like me, spoiled by the comforts of not having to get out your car, I’ve found that the best solution to all this is to make yourself smoothies. Rather than sitting around and eating all the “supposed to be good for you” stuff one by one, just grab it all, and throw it into a blender then down it like a champ. Spinach, kale, berries, oranges, apples, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, beets, and whatever else you can get your hands onto, just to give your body the nutrients it deserves. Enjoy the benefits of a healthier body with mood elevations and advanced mental clarity, find yourself performing better athletically, thinking more clearly, and attacking life with an unstoppable energy.

As for fighting the GMO war, simply practice being more consciously aware of what you are touching and looking at. Don’t be afraid to break the wallet on organic foods from time to time. Question the produce guy even, ask him if he knows where that apple came from and you might be surprised. Stop by at a farm on your next road trip and grab yourself some fresh produce and see what it actually takes to grow a vegetable.

“The greatest wealth is health.” – Virgil