Why gaming should be a part of everyone’s life:

I don’t think there is any better way to sharpen your mind than in gaming. It forces you to test your reaction time, coordination, as well as your ability to analyze and adapt to your surroundings. Especially in these newer games that offer a real time environment for you to deal with. It’s been scientifically proven in numerous studies (yes, Google) that when non-gamers try out gaming for the first time, that they receive a much improved visual attention score among the other benefits. Not to mention, with the rise of online gaming popularity, it also offers a social window to your life; another chance to hone in on your friendship skills. Game genres will vary, but they all serve the same purpose, for you to “play” the game.


Things to keep in mind:

Needless to say, there are cons to the activity. Be weary that the game play can be addictive to some personalities. The constant progression and grind to get bigger and better tends to shed massive amounts of time off the clock. Games nowadays will usually offer grind=reward goals for players to go after. In most cases, the longer the grind, the bigger the reward. The bigger the reward, the bigger the benefits. So let’s say you’re feeling ambitious one night, so you decide to go after the big one… Next thing you know, you may hear birds chirping outside the window, and the sun is coming up and you’re supposed to be at work in an hour (#$&*!). You can prevent this occurrence by timing your game play (most modern games will give you warnings now if you’ve been on for an extended amount of time.) So remember to try not to forget about that thing called “life” that you still have to deal with after your game.

Choosing a gaming platform:


PC – Personal Computer (Recommended.)


Many reasons why people will choose the computer over console. The biggest reason, it’s a computer! You can do many things on it other than gaming so the multitasking is a big perk. Many modern computer users will have multiple monitor setups now which will give them the ability to absorb endless streams of information. A PC also offers endless upgradability options, so you don’t necessarily have to run out and buy the latest and greatest console whenever they come out (unless that’s what you’re into of course.) I personally find that one gaming platform is more than enough, especially now with how fast the internet is.


Where to find your selection of games:

With collectivism on the rise, there is now an organization which has pretty much monopolized the PC gaming industry, Steam. Steam offers an app which readily organizes your friends and games for you as well as give you a place to shop for games. Quite intuitive if you may, back when I started gaming, you could easily download pirated copies of games and play them free of charge but with Steam in the way now, it’s pretty much ended piracy in the PC gaming world. This offers a huge window for developers to make their games available towards a more focused marketplace.