Project Research

After the sad dismissal of my DC2 last year, I’ve been doing research on potential new projects, aiming at a somewhat powerful RWD. Price range has been favorable for the golden era (90’s to early 2000’s) of Japanese vehicles.

With that being said, the 350z has been looking like a real good prospect. Having a solid chassis and a proven reliable motor with decent power, it’s hard to not consider it to be an appealing spectacle, especially for the current market values.

The other option I’ve been considering has been in the V8 realm of things. As they say, you haven’t experienced a car until you’ve experienced an 8 banger screaming at you. Having ridden in some classic muscle cars in my time, I’d have to say, those kinds of childhood memories don’t exactly fade.

Personally owning and daily’ing a RWD Ford Ranger, I never really considered it to be a project but I was shocked to see that some people actually have managed to actually drop in an 8 into these things (thank you internet forums..!)

I know a swap isn’t the easiest route but I’m not the type to ever shy away from a challenge.