The Fourth Phase

Phamtastic Level


I can’t say that I have looked at humans and/or the world quite the same since I was introduced to the work of Mr. Travis Rice in the Art of Flight back in 2011. Wasn’t really sure if he could pull it off but I have been amazed, yet again. He’s already earned my respect on numerous occasions, just through his bits of snowboarding clips and life philosophies but after this film, I can’t help but love the guy now; He IS the Messiah of shred.

The recent release of his latest project, ‘The Fourth Phase’ is an ambitious attempt at displaying the art of an endless perseverance for adventure in life. The ups and downs of pursuing a challenge with one self, while fighting to maintain the mystical connection that embodies us all is something you might very well be able to see in this film.


Particularly for the ones who have been blessed with the joys of sliding down mountains with a board a strapped on your feet, you should definitely be able to appreciate the heart-felt aspect in this film as it shows how our weather is currently working against us winter warriors. For everyone else, you can simply just enjoy the eye candy on this one. For us weather seekers though, it’s safe to say that we have all been affected by non-typical winter weather conditions for the past few shred seasons as it is showing to only get progressively worst as time goes by. Mainly due to inconsistent temperatures occurring which is causing snow to actually melt and then refreeze –  such a vicious vicious cycle.


Only in this current time and age are we able to witness this type of cinematography in these beautiful parts of the planet. Where in this film, we are actually able to see that the world is indeed going through meteorological changes – and is not just at our local ski resorts. It’s quite saddening and you can really feel a sense of struggle in this film but perhaps those increases in fossil fuel consumption in the world has finally taken a toll on our Mother Nature and is not just a political tool any more.


What you can also expect in this film are the typical breath taking shots of these guys pushing their bodies to the limit. Travis is well known for sending it AND nailing it 99% of the time, but in this film, you can see that perhaps his age is physically starting to catch up with him and his reflexes aren’t as sharp as they were 10 years ago; Mother Nature really has no mercy. But needless to say, you will see that his soul is definitely at it’s prime. It’s truly a blessing to be able to witness this gentleman and his work. It’s a great time that we live in but it’s also coming at a cost. There is no longer a verification that the Winter Bird will be calling for us every season, but this film should be a steady reminder that we should never give up and you should always continue to seek, as far as your mind wants to take you.


Phamtastic Level